Sunday, June 24…

Sunday, June 24th

                Hey, it’s Ashley, left for San Antonio for the PBL Leadership conference at 5:00am today. Didn’t sleep much the night before, think it was from all the excitement for the trip but we got though the airport pretty quick, probably because it was so early. Meet George Hill from the Pacers on our way through security. He was nice enough to let us take a picture with him.

We got to Houston, Texas around 7:30am and had about a 3 hour layover, that wasn’t much fun, especially because we were all so tired. We finally arrived in San Antonio a little before noon and had so much to do. Katelyn and Patty competed in a business communications test, while Diana and I got the room set up and got ready to meet them for Dinner. We had dinner at Maria Mia a Mexican restaurant. The food was a little expensive, but you got a lot of food, had a burrito as big as my hand. After that we had an hour left and went shopping around at Papya.

At 7:00pm we left and went to the PBL Opening Conference Rally. It was a lot of fun to hear everyone give such good and encouraging words for the PBL members. Makes you really feel like a family. Well, it’s getting late, time to call it a night. 

Ashley Tharpe

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