Ashley’s Tuesday blog

Monday, June 25th

Hey, it’s Ashley. Day two in San Antonio and been such a busy day. This morning I had to get up at 6 am so get ready for my Integrated Marketing Campaign, where I was presenting my website I did for my Virtual Social Media class. We did pretty well, I felt very confident going in but we did go a few seconds over time, hopefully we won’t be deducted point for that.

I ended up going back to the room and napping for about an hour before I had to take my Retail Management test. I think I did pretty good on it, had some hard questions. After that, I meet up with the girls and we didn’t about an hour worth of shopping till we had to go to the Northern Central Conference Rally.

Today was a pretty productive day. Been really busy these past two days, can’t wait to be able to do something really fun tonight. I know we all deserve it for our hard work and dedication. 😀

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