update from Diana

Greetings once again from the great state of Texas. Up early this morning for “question and answer” session from National delegates running for officers of PBL. Everyone here is so…friendly; love San Antonio.  After the question and answer session, we attended the “Moodle Your Noodle” workshop.  We all met up around 11:00am and took  another site seeing adventure on the Alamo Trolley Tours, amazing insights and views of the city. As part of that package we also got to go to the IMAX theater and watch “Tornado Alley.” Nice way to top off a hot day in Texas. Later we get to take a river cruise… can’t wait.


Hi there, it is our third day in San Antonio.  Today I assist one of the workshops call Moodle Your Noodle.  It was interesting but the whole time I was in there and the presenter was going through the presentation, I kept comparing it to D2L.  Moodle is a model that helps instructors and businesses organize material for classes or clients.  The difference between D2L and Moodle is that Moodle is an open source install in the school server.

After the workshop, the team went for a tour to the historical places in San Antonio.  It includes the Alamo, La Villita, Mission San Jose, Mission Concepcion, Mexican Market, and the River walk.  It was a nice tour because we learn the significance of these places especially the Alamo.

Well, we will enjoy our last night in San Antonio and take home good memories.


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