Day 1 at NLC in Nashville, TN – Heather

Part of Gaylord in Nashville, TN

Part of Gaylord in Nashville, TN

It was a pretty boring car ride from Terre Haute down to Nashville, TN for this year’s National Leadership Conference. I would say that the most interesting thing would be being slowed down because of the down pour. But four hours later we made it to Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center. The place is wonderful; if you haven’t been, it’s a must-see. There’s practically everything here from restaurants and shopping to outside pools and an inside pool and a spa. We checked into the hotel, then dropped off our bags in our rooms. We checked into FBLA/PBL and explored a little bit before the opening ceremony. It’s quite easy to get lost and sometimes I forget where I am. One thing is for sure though, there’s always an information stand nearby telling you where you are. Around 6, we saw the Fountain Show (which happens daily). We then went to the opening ceremony for FBLA/PBL. One of the guest speakers was someone I wish everyone got the chance to meet and talk to. His name was Johan Khalilian. He tells the audience about his life choices and what has made him who he is today. I’m sure you’re thinking that you get the same story every time you listen to someone give a presentation. But try imagining someone who was told that they weren’t smart enough to play basketball and go to college, than actually believe that person and decide not to go. (But don’t worry, he has his BA in Communications from Northeastern University.) Later that night we went downtown to visit a few places and get a feel of the history. We saw the AT&T tower (also known as the Batman Tower). We saw the original Ryman Auditorium, with its back doors in the same ally way as the most famous bar, Tootsies (Willie Nelson, along with a lot of others, have played here). It was a great day of exploring Gaylord and meeting interesting people from around the states who came together for this event. And it was a great night walking around, listening to live music, and learning about the history of Nashville.

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