Day 2 of NLC – Bethany

Day 2 was equal parts work and play. In the morning we entered our competitive events and attended workshops then in the evening we explored a few of the major tourist sites in Nashville. I competed in Personal Finance after having won first place for the state of Indiana. We gathered in a large testing room with other students who were competing in four different subjects and took our 100 question exams on laptops. I certainly prefer using laptops for testing over the paper tests that we took at the state level.

After competing I attended a workshop called “Start Small, Finish Big” by Sylvester Chisom. Sylvester owns a car detailing company in St. Louis that we started while he was still in high school. Now his company has a large client base, including some high rollers with Ferraris! He had a lot of helpful tips for starting our own ventures with the number one tip being “get it done.” To be a successful entrepreneur one has to actually execute an idea first. Sylvester also recommended doing 5 things a day 5 days a week to accomplish one specific goal, even if it’s just small things.

Once we had taken care of our responsibilities for the day we were free to explore Nashville. We toured the Grand Ole Opry, and went on the General Jackson showboat which were both in very close proximity to the resort we’re staying at. I really enjoyed the cruise on the General Jackson because we got to see downtown Nashville lit up at night as well as some live entertainment on the journey back to the dock. I appreciate that the conference schedule allows for downtime and entertainment as well.


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