NLC Day 2- Jessica

Day 2 of NLC has been great here in Nashville, TN. I’ve attended two workshops: Involving the pros: the FBLA-PBL Professional Division and Start Small, Finish Big. These workshops were very interesting to me because this will give me an idea on how to encourage professionals to become involved with: FBLA-PBL, becoming a lifetime member of FBLA-PBL after graduation, and possibly create a new invention that will come in handy in the future. I took my test called computer concepts and it consisted of 100 questions. I believe I did fine on the test but I feel much better knowing I did my best and hoping I will see what my results are.

After taking the test; me and my team set out on an adventure; first we went to the Grand Ole Opry to take a tour of the backstage where the famous country stars perform, then we went to see other places, and to end our evening of fun we went on the General Jackson Showboat. It was a very relaxing evening of sailing on a showboat and getting to see a live performance that topped off the evening. I’m looking forward to see what the next day will bring



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