Day 2, NLC – Heather

Day 2 at Nashville for our National Leadership Conference. Bethany and I started our day by taking our Personal Finance competitive event while Jessica went to a workshop. For the competitive event, everyone assigned to the one of the four events were put into a room with computers. We then each took our assigned test that was 100 questions. (I prefer the computer test way more than fill in the bubble with a pencil test we took at the state competition.) Around 11 each of us went on to do a workshop. The one I did was How to Get Rich <or at least not go broke> by Philip Tew, an assistant professor of finance at Arkansas State University. Tew was a funny guy that kept the attention of the audience while also giving out facts about money and life. According to Tew’s research, the number one reason people drop out of college (and the number one cause of stress) is money. Tew said to be realistic and budget your money. Such as, if you know you can’t live without coffee then add that to your budget. But don’t put down $100 a month for it on your budget (go cheaper). Also, when figuring out your budget, research. Take 2 weeks of writing down where every penny is spent. That will give you a better idea of how to budget your money. His main goal was to get people to budget, always. I enjoyed the workshop a lot and wish people understood the value that we get from workshops like these.

In the early afternoon we were able to enjoy our time at the Grand Ole Opry, which is close to the hotel. We got a tour of the place and were able to see the studio where they film Nashville (the TV show), the dressing rooms, and even walk on the stage. Later that night we went on the General Jackson Showboat. With the departure at 7, we were able to sit on the deck and watch the sunset over Nashville while the boat moved towards the city. When the boat turned around to go back to the port, entertainment downstairs was provided. It was a musical show giving history about country music and some of the most known artists from the past and present. Overall, I say it was a great day.

Grand Ole Opry Entrance

Grand Ole Opry Entrance

Jessica, Bethany, and Heather

Jessica, Bethany, and Heather


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