Jessica McManus, SLC Indianapolis Reflection

Hey Everybody,

Here is an update about State Leadership Conference that took place in Indianapolis. It was a trip within itself. It seemed like a long drive there but it was worth the time of being there. When Christina and I arrived we checked into our hotel and it was amazing to see everyone. I took my first handwritten test but I didn’t expect to meet someone new until I sat down, I met this gentleman named Ankit Patel, he was the only person who was representing Ball State University and we also competed against Valparaiso University. Even though Christina and I only competed in two handwritten test but two different subject it was interesting to see the others competing in different subjects as well. After the handwritten portion was done, Christina and I went out to see the sites.

The next day, we got up and went to a few workshops such as learning to be a leader and encouraging others to become involved in FBLA/PBL. The next workshop we attended was donating to a special fund that involved $500 and the vote was unanimous in donating money to help children and hunger. Also, this gave us an idea on what we can do to help other organizations and how to be more professional in the real world. Being at the conference really helped us gain a better understanding about what we can do to help other companies and be able to go with confidence in helping others.

I know that I have attended the conference before but this was an amazing feeling to go in and help with guidance and understanding. Also, share this experience with others who are attending for the first 1 photo 2


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